1. The presentation can be own design or presentation on given theme.
  2. State the specific objectives and goals of your project.
  3. Highlight the technical aspects in robotic solution.
  4. Explain how proposed design development phase, including materials, components, and technology used.
  5. Presentation should be maximum 12 minutes including Question and Answer.
  6. Explain the design, including software and hardware components, if required .
  7. Discuss any innovative or unique aspects of your implementation, or presented topic.
  8. Highlight any innovative technologies or approaches used in the project, if any.
  9. If possible, include live robot demonstrations or pre-recorded videos to showcase your project's functionality.
  10. Use visuals like slides, diagrams, and images to enhance understanding.
  11. Encourage audience interaction through questions and answers.
  12. To allocate time for a Q&A session after presentation.
  13. Be prepared to provide detailed responses to questions from the audience and judges.

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